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Effective 08/01/2020 - We are increasing our transfer fee to $15 per item. 

We are available to Arizona residents that are looking to have an item transferred in from an out-of-state dealer. Our transfer fee is $15 per item.  We prefer cash for transfers; however we will process a credit card for a $1 or 3% service fee.  

How it Works:

After you place the order, please provide us the seller's contact information (e-mail is preferred) along with your order or auction number. We will contact the seller to organize shipping. As soon as the firearm(s) are received we will contact you to set up a day/time for pickup. You will complete a background check and then have the firearm(s) transferred over to you.

All Transfers are done by appointment only.

We will call and/or e-mail you once you’re gun is unpacked, processed into our system, and ready for pickup. Even if you have a tracking number and it shows that it has arrived it may not be processed into our system and ready for pickup. Processing times vary between 24-48 hours.

Please ensure compliance of any federal or state firearms laws prior to making your purchase.  If we receive an item that cannot be transferred, you are responsible for the outgoing transfer fee plus return shipping costs. 

Outgoing transfers are $30,  plus shipping & packaging costs.  

NICS Denials will result in a $25 processing fee along with return shipping costs to the seller of the item.

If you are a dealer looking for a copy of our FFL, please email us at: